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Strong R & D capabilities
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We have 20 years of R&D and manufacturing experience. Can provide power adapter design solutions for any industry

EMC testing laboratory
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We can provide customers with EMC testing services for free, and provide equipment rectification plans

Automated production workshop
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7S management mode, using automated production equipment to streamline operations to achieve high-efficiency production

9-fold safety protection
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Multiple self-created power safety technologies, long working life. Protect the safety and stability of load equipment

Quality inspection platform
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Automated quality inspection platform to ensure that the factory pass rate of the power adapter is over 99.8%

Aging test
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The factory power adapters have been aging tested to ensure the stability of continuous power supply

R&D team daily

EMC testing laboratory

Production workshop and equipment

9-fold safety protection

Overvoltage protection

Used to prevent high voltage from passing through during charging and discharging

Overload protection

Prevent the power from exceeding the load during charging and discharging

Overcurrent protection

Used to prevent excessive operating current of the power adapter

Over power protection

Prevent the power adapter from charging and discharging beyond its own power

Temperature protection

High temperature automatic protection technology during charging and discharging

Short circuit protection

Automatic short-circuit protection of the power adapter during charging and discharging

Overcharge protection

When charging the device, prevent the device from overcharging and damage

Lightning protection

Lightning protection during thunderstorms, effectively avoiding natural disasters

Magnetic field protection

Ensure that the power adapter will not be affected by electromagnetic field interference

Quality inspection platform

Aging test