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9-fold safety technology
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Provide nine-fold circuit security protection, protect the equipment, and make the charging process worry-free

The strictest quality management
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Multi-layer quality inspection, the perennial power adapter defect rate is controlled above 99.8%

DAJINg R&D laboratory
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Spend 120 million to build a self-built R&D center and testing platform to provide customers with more customized innovations

Adapt to the industry

Printer industry

Any printer equipment can be applied, perfect to provide power supply service

KTV industry

Speakers, projectors and other equipment can be used in KTV, conferences and other places

Security Monitoring

Suitable for indoor and outdoor monitoring equipment, military security electrical equipment, etc.

Medical equipment

Electronic products applicable to the medical industry, in line with medical certification

Appliance industry

Suitable for power supply for routers, chargers, robots and other devices...

Desktop Laptop

Suitable for computer all-in-one, notebook equipment power supply...

About Us

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  • dajing
  • dajing

We are a technological enterprise engaged in the production, research and development, sales and testing of power adapters. Have EMC test platform and R&D laboratory. Can provide professional power adapter customized solutions for any industry. Product sales in multiple markets around the world.

20 years of power adapter R&D and manufacturing source manufacturer, DAJING

Why Choose Us

  • Free samples

    Provide you with existing sample tests for free. We have a strong R&D team, and samples of power adapters in any industry can be customized.

  • Strong production capacity

    With a daily production capacity of more than 50,000 power supplies, samples can be produced within 24 hours and mass shipments can be achieved within 168 hours. Layered quality inspection to ensure that the pass rate is over 99.8%.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    24x7 techsupport is one of the best services in the DAJING. 24x7 tech support providing quality services at anytime, anywhere in the world.


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